WinCE on my Xbox

i couldnt believe my eyes when i read the story on some guy claiming to run windows on his xbox. i rushed home, downloaded the file, installed it and…. oh my god it worked. i could start windows media player, run ms-word, view powerpoint, etc. sure its not perfect yet and…


December 29, 20031 min read


Petition: Make Xbox2 backwards compatible

xbox 2 online petition: “microsoft xbox hardware development ( has yet to decide if they are going to make the xbox2 backwards compatible with existing xbox games for the xbox(1), this petition is a request to microsoft to make the next xbox play the xbox games of today. we urge you…


December 09, 20031 min read Back Again

quote: “a huge “thank you” to for offering to host us, for this we are very grateful and without it, axs would be dead. now it’s time to catch-up. we know there are a lot of new skins out there and we need your help to get them available to everyone. we pushed the re-release of the…


November 03, 20031 min read